15 January 2024

New Year, New Vision, New Logo

Giocaonline is wrapping up a year filled with great enthusiasm and pushing towards 2024 with even more ambitious goals. While the company remains focused on solidifying its position in the Italian market, it is also ready to embark on a new and significant chapter in its history by expanding its presence beyond national borders.

This drive is the foundation for the introduction of the new brand, GOL Games. While maintaining strong references to the historic logo, the new brand adopts a modern, forward-looking perspective in line with the company's long-term vision for continued growth and a more pronounced international presence. GOL Games is a brand that reflects the evolution and distinctive identity of Giocaonline, serving as both a pillar and a point of reference in an ever-evolving industry.




The typeface used is the same as that of the Giocaonline logo, emphasising the continuity and coherence of the project. The color palette will now be dominated by a deeper shade of blue, accentuating the reliability and solidity of a robust company. In its new circular symbol, Giocaonline sees not just an 'O,' but a world of opportunities to explore in the future. This symbol is another nod to the company's history, an evolution of the main brand, just as the name GOL, an acronym for Gioca On-Line (Play On-Line), naturally becomes its evolution.

We believe that growth is the result of evolution, and evolution requires the courage to embrace change. GOL Games is not only a symbol of belonging but also a manifesto of our style that we aim to assert strongly in the international market. We are ready to write the next chapter of our story, driven by the desire to explore new horizons”. With these words, Tommaso Ferranti, CEO of Giocaonline, introduced the new GOL Games brand.

Giocaonline is excited to share this new phase of commercial and organizational growth and development with all its partners and clients. Giocaonline is fully aware that establishing itself in the international context will be a challenge as difficult as it is fascinating.

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