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09 November 2022

Let’s meet at the Sport Bar with Lino Banfi and Jerry Calà!

The hilarious 1980s comedy “Al Bar dello Sport” (At the Sport bar) has now become a Giocaonline slot machine! As in the film, Lino Banfi is the star of the show, flanked by the talented Jerry Calà. The film’s funniest storylines and gags are reworked…

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14 October 2022

Here comes Gangster: when the going gets tough the tough get going!

Flashy ties, shiny moccasins, and a gun in your belt. It’s prohibition era New York and here come the bosses: the Gangsters! The new Giocaonline slot game takes us back to the criminal circles of America in the 1920s, when the underworld challenged t…

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16 September 2022

With King of Egypt the Pharaoh's treasure is no longer safe!

A slot machine game steeped in mystery, adventures among talismans and ancient Gods, in search of the fascinating Priestess and her secret chambers. Giocaonline launches King of Egypt, inspired by the times when the Pharaoh governed over his powerful…

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04 August 2022

The new Giocaonline-branded version of Video Poker is on the way!

Fans of the famous card game will find plenty to sink their teeth into with Giocaonline’s brand new games - Video Poker and Jacks or Better! An exciting challenge against the Bank, the thrill of placing the bet, careful evaluation of your moves, make…

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29 June 2022

Great fun and lots of prizes on the horizon: Popeye’s ship is coming into port!

Furious fights, romantic rescues and lots of cans of spinach! Here comes Popeye, the new slot machine game from Giocaonline! The famous pipe-smoking sailor has landed in the world of online games with his famous crew: the beautiful Olive Oyl, Sweetpe…

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27 June 2022

Ready for take-off: we’re all going to Las Vegas wiht Pierino!

Giocaonline Airlines kindly informs all passengers that the flight to Las Vegas will take ... just a few seconds! This new slot machine will transport you to the magical City of Lights in the blink of an eye, in the company of Pierino and his gang of…

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06 June 2022

Giocaonline presents the first slot of the series inspired by Dario Argento's horror movies

The masterpieces of the Master of Thrill, the legendary Dario Argento, will now become exciting slot machines. The first one is “The Bird with the Crystal Plumage” — an international success praised by both critics and audience. The game offers 5 ree…

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09 May 2022

Peace, love and great prizes: Giocaonline launches “Enzo Salvi, the Flower Child”

If Enzo Salvi won’t come to Woodstock, then Woodstock must come to... Ostia! Fun is guaranteed with this colourful hippie-inspired Slot, among new-age music and psychedelic images. The fun never ends with the irreverent jokes of the famous Roman come…

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19 April 2022

In "The Old Farm" prizes don't grow on trees... but in the garden!

Is city life too stressful? No problem! With Giocaonline’s new slot machine you can finally return to the land! “The Old Farm” ("La Vecchia Fattoria") is set in a rural countryside among green pastures, gardens, and funny animals. The game offers 5 …

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13 April 2022

“UNO” makes its entry into Gioaonline’s Casino world

Giocaonline’s collaboration with Mattel has created this irresistible version of the beloved card game, in which fans can pit their wits against the Bank in a challenge to the last card. Skilful players will succeed in multiplying their stake by up t…

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12 April 2022

Black magic will have no secrets for you, thanks to Voodoo Curse!

A mysterious slot machine in which you’ll have to juggle between ghostly symbols and magic vials. Giocaonline launches Voodoo Curse, inspired by the unsettling rites of shamans. The game offers 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is a winning system that off…

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10 March 2022

Check out “UNO”, the classic Mattel game, now in Skill version

Everyone is crazy about UNO! Giocaonline’s collaborated with Mattel to create this version of the much-loved card game that can now be played by all fans, challenging each other in exciting tournaments with skips, reverses and colour changes! With 10…

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03 March 2022

Here comes Odissea, a legendary slot machine!

Adventure lovers will find something right up their alley. The most famous epos comes to life again in Odissea, Giocaonline’s new slot machine inspired by Ulysses’ exploits. This game offers 5 reels and 30 paylines with the possibility of accessing t…

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24 February 2022

Let the party begin with Pigalle!

“Pigalle”, Giocaonline’s new slot machine, rises the curtain once again on the well-known cabarets of old-time Paris. It’s main attraction? The most risqué dance ever - the legendary can-can! The slot machine, with its 5 reels and 30 paylines, offers…

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22 February 2022

Here comes Cleopatra: fun and excitement in Ancient Egypt

The divine Queen of Egypt, which has become a legend, is the protagonist of the new Giocaonline slot, Cleopatra. She’s accompanied by two of the most powerful Gods of Egyptian mythology, the half-beasts, half-men Anubi and Ra. Moreover, the mysteriou…

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27 January 2022

Gold Fever, the Gold Rush is on!

The Gold Fever is becoming scorching hot, just like a... volcano! “Gold Fever”, Giocaonline’s new slot with 5 reels, 30 paylines, and as much as 3 special games, takes place on the slopes of an active volcano. And as if that wasn’t enough, things are…

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08 November 2021

The rides are in town: here are the seven games from Bonus Park!

This real virtual amusement park expands the range of Giocaonline games: Bonus Park is the new Loyalty Game which offers seven different games, one for each day of the week, for a fun experience that’s never dull. Bonus Park offers the chance to win …

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22 October 2021

The epic tale of the Divine Comedy is back with the second chapter: Purgatory

Giocaonline presents the second, highly original slot in the trilogy inspired by Dante’s masterpiece. Having overcome the banks of hell, we find Dante and his guide, Virgil, trying to ascend to Eden. On this journey into the second of the 3 divine ki…

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12 October 2021

EGR Italy Awards 2021: 5 nominations!

Once again this year Giocaonline is proud to announce its presence among the finalists of the prestigious EGR Italy Awards in all the categories in which it was nominated: Casino Content Supplier, Casino Platform Supplier, Mobile Supplier, Software S…

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11 October 2021

Lunapark Cash: the best theme park around is here!

There’s a party atmosphere at Giocaonline: the rides of the new Luna Park Cash Slot are rolling into town. All the fun of a real Luna Park packed with attractions, featuring eye-catching graphics and the biggest adrenaline rush. Take good aim to win …

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29 July 2021

EGR B2B Awards 2021: special mention in the category Skill Games Supplier

We are very proud to announce that, during the awards ceremony of the prestigious EGR B2B Awards 2021, Giocaonline received the special mention "Highly commended" in the Skill Games Supplier category. After being awarded as the best Skill Games Supp…

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26 July 2021

The gold rush is on: the new Lucky West Slot is here!

The legendary Wild West is back as the favourite destination of gold diggers! However, to make your fortune nowadays you don’t need to dig in hidden mines, you just need to get into these fantastic Bonuses! The gameplay with 5 reels and 20 paylines l…

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10 May 2021

Giocaonline shortlisted at the EGR B2B Awards 2021

After being awarded Best Skill Games Supplier at the EGR Italy Awards 2020 last year, Giocaonline is now proud to announce its presence among the finalists of the EGR B2B Awards 2021 in the same category. The EGR B2B Awards reward and celebrate the v…

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18 December 2020

Here comes TNT, the new explosive Casino Game!

Suspense and adrenaline are the watchwords of TNT, the new Casino Game from Giocaonline with winnings up to 100 times the bet. Based on the legendary action movies of the 90s, the game features a beam of dynamite sticks about to explode, complete wit…

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16 December 2020

A happy Grinch Xmas Village to all!

There’s all the anti-Christmas spirit of the grumpy character created by Dr. Seuss in this new Giocaonline Slot inspired by the famous story. Everyone is busy at the Xmas Village, Christmas Day is nearly here and the elves are working non-stop to pre…

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07 December 2020

Giocaonline’s range of Casino products reaches Goldbet

Another major platform is choosing Giocaonline’s range of casino products: we have only recently formed a partnership with Goldbet but - as this new agreement shows - it is already heading in a promising direction. The full range of products includes…

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11 November 2020

Dancing all the way with this fab new game… The Chicken Dance!

Giocaonline is launching a new Slot inspired by an international eighties’ hit, which captures all the cheerful and carefree mood of the original song. A water lily-covered pond is the setting to the adventures of a friendly frog that dreams and trie…

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28 October 2020

EGR Italy Awards 2020: Skill Games Supplier Winner!

The winners of the 17 categories at stake were revealed last night at the prestigious EGR Italy Awards 2020, held virtually for the first time in their history. We are very proud to announce that Giocaonline won the award for the best Skill Games Sup…

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27 October 2020

The new spine-chilling Slot from Giocaonline: Halloween Circus

A grinning clown awaits even the bravest players as they enter the Big Top shrouded in sinister-looking clouds. Anyone who dares enter Halloween Circus, the new Giocaonline Slot set in a circus arena on the scariest night of the year, can try their h…

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21 October 2020

1, 2, Triplete!

We’ve got some big news for any Scopa fans out there: Triplete has arrived on the Giocaonline Skill Games platform. It’s a tournament where any player who wins three games in a row gets the entire prize pool. But keep an eye out, because this new tou…

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19 October 2020

Pharaohs Secret, embark on a quest to find the treasure in the pyramid

The Egyptian pyramids always hide a secret, but anyone brave enough to venture through their tunnels might discover that this secret is actually a spectacular treasure. The new Giocaonline Slot “Pharaohs Secret” takes you into this captivating atmosp…

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16 October 2020

Bgame now offers Giocaonline’s full range of Casino products

More and more Giocaonline games for Bgame: this famous gaming platform has decided to include Giocaonline’s full range of Casino products. Once again, this partnership began with Skill Games and Instant Games, but is now complete with Slots and Table…

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14 October 2020

Planetwin365 is selecting Giocaonline’s range of Casino products

Giocaonline is delighted to announce the launch of its full range of casino products on Planetwin365. Alongside the Skill Games and Instant Games already on the platform, there will now also be Casino Games (Slots and Table Games), sealing this highl…

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13 October 2020

Pets Adventures: a city made for pets

The skyline of a modern metropolis and 3 citizens of this world... on four legs! There’s guaranteed fun with the friendly stars of the new Pets Adventures slot: Ciro the Mastiff, Cindy the Dogblogger and Remo the Roman Hamster. With 5 reels and 30 pa…

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28 September 2020

EGR Italy Awards 2020: 4 nominations!

Giocaonline is proud to announce its place among the finalists of the “EGR Italy Awards 2020” in the categories of Best Provider of Skill Games, Software, Mobile and Casino Platform. Our inclusion on the shortlist in all 4 categories of the most impo…

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17 June 2020

Agreement struck with Stanleybet for Casino products

Giocaonline is proud to announce a new collaboration agreement with Stanleybet. The Group is committed to prioritising protecting its customers and is careful to choose the most innovative products from online entertainment platforms. It has renewed …

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10 June 2020

Pierino tries his luck... and wins over €60,000!

On Sunday, one lucky user playing on the Betflag portal won the Super Jackpot of the Casino platform created by Giocaonline. The jackpot was won on the “Pierino Tenta la Fortuna” slot with a stake of just €1.50! “Pierino Tenta la Fortuna”, one of the…

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28 April 2020

1000 users, 1000 thank yous, 1000 clicks!

For the first time ever for us, over one thousand users decided to play and have fun on our websites at the same time, and This is a very important milestone for us that has only been made possible by your trust in our…

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14 April 2020

Still online together

During these difficult times for our country, we have managed to put a smile on the faces of people who have decided to play at and and give them some fun. We have been delighted to see the turnout and carefree, support…

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12 March 2020

Cook & Spin, show off your recipe!

A pinch of salt, a drop of extra virgin olive oil, rich free spins and plenty of fun: these are the ingredients of the incredible new slot all about cooking shows. If you love cooking and battles between chefs, you can put yourself in the shoes of Ge…

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09 March 2020

Online Together

Nowadays we can’t go to the pub to play a game of cards or to the club for a Burraco tournament, but we can still get together online to have some fun. This is why Giocaonline has decided to offer 2 free months on the and burracoclub.…

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10 February 2020

Solitaire tournaments are here!

Giocaonline is proud to announce the arrival of Solitaire, the new Skill Game featuring one of the favourite pastimes of card lovers, which has become famous on computers all around the world. Just like in the classic version, the goal is to arrange …

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20 January 2020

Giocaonline gets a new look

A new logo and website for a 2020 packed with new features! To mark its ten-year anniversary, Giocaonline has given its old logo a makeover. The brand name has been kept to stay in line with the classic logo, which is also a clear reminder to the com…

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19 January 2020

Skill Games now available on E-Play24

Giocaonline is proud to announce that its Skill Games are now available online on all E-Play24 Network business channels. The various games include: Asso Pigliatutto, Bestia, Briscola, Burraco, Scopa, Sette e Mezzo and Scala Quaranta, not to mention …

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05 January 2020

The magical slot De Magorum is here

Giocaonline is delighted to announce its new online slot De Magorum, where wizards from a far-away galaxy battle to the sound of spells to find the right combination and turn every click into a huge win. In this slot, Giocaonline has recreated battle…

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24 September 2019

Dante is here with his new slot!

Giocaonline is proud to present its new online slot Divina Commedia – Inferno. Legendary characters, special creatures, love affairs and fantasy galore will take you to the Afterlife on an adventure packed with Bonus features. This slot is the first …

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22 July 2019

10 out of 10

Giocaonline was founded on 22 July 2009 at home in an apartment in central Milan. To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, a number of activities will start today which will be unveiled one by one over the next few months. After 10 years of challenges …

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25 July 2018

Punto Banco, choose your side

One of the most loved games by the general public is finally available in a Giocaonline version, optimised both for desktop and mobile. With an RTP of 98.99%, Giocaonline Punto Banco remains true to the classic version of the game and offers a wide v…

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02 November 2017

Black Jack! 21 is great, let’s celebrate

Are you ready to hit 21 with us? Giocaonline is delighted to announce the launch of its Black Jack onto the market! With a maximum of 5 seats on desktop and 3 on mobile, Giocaonline Black Jack stays true to one of the most famous casino games ever, a…

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05 October 2017

HTML5: new technology, the same fun!

Giocaonline is finishing up migrating all its products over from flash to HTML5 technology after one year of development. The first one to be migrated over was the Skill Games package, followed over the next few months by Casino Table Games and Slots…

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14 April 2017

French Roulette for any occasion

Giocaonline is proud to announce the upcoming release of its new Instant French Roulette. This innovative format allows users to play by directly using the money in their account, without making deposits or opening external pop-ups. What’s more, than…

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04 March 2016

Are you ready for the Joker?

Italian tradition is once again at the heart of Giocaonline’s plans with the launch of its new Casino table game: Sette e Mezzo! Available in an optimised version for both desktop and mobile, the Casino Sette e Mezzo stays true to the original game r…

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15 December 2015

Premio Matto is here!

“Premio Matto” has landed on the Skill Games platform, a special sit’n’go mode with a variable jackpot: with just two hands you can win up to €100,000. With this new product, Giocaonline has joined the international trend moving towards fast games wi…

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14 October 2014

Celebrating the launch of the Skill Games App for iOS and Android

Giocaonline is proud to announce that its Skill Games are now also available on iOS and Android apps. A complete gaming experience, wherever you are, without losing any of the features from the desktop versions. The intuitive, minimal layout has been…

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10 November 2013

Pierino tenta la Fortuna

It’s here! Pierino tenta la Fortuna, the first Giocaonline branded slot is finally here. From the soundtrack (the theme song is whistled) to the same Pierino with his trusty slingshot, from his teacher to his schoolmates, every detail stays true to t…

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09 September 2011

An agreement has been struck with Eurobet, creating the Giocaonline network

An agreement has been struck between Snai and Eurobet to create a shared liquidity network and allow a constant flow of users to the platform. This collaboration will help increase the number of users connected at the same time, and will therefore fi…

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20 August 2011

New “Tournament” mode for Skill Games on SNAI

Following on from sit’n’go mode, Skill Game tournaments are finally available at There will be lots of players and, above all, huge jackpots for even more exciting games, with tournaments of up to 512 players, which will increase the prize mo…

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15 November 2009

The first “real” tournaments are launched on

An agreement has been made between Giocaonline and Snai for the first “real money” Burraco tournaments on This is a real first for Italy: traditional Italian card games will be joined by Texas Hold’em Poker in the “Skill Games” categ…

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23 July 2009

Giocaonline is here

Giocaonline Srl was founded on 23 July 2009, a company that designs and develops online games: this new 100% Italian software house from Milan has therefore been created, specialising in creating and making online card games. The forerunner of this c…

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