14 April 2017

French Roulette for any occasion

Giocaonline is proud to announce the upcoming release of its new Instant French Roulette.

This innovative format allows users to play by directly using the money in their account, without making deposits or opening external pop-ups. What’s more, thanks to its strategic position (in the sidebar for the desktop version and in swipe mode for the mobile version), Instant Roulette is always available and can keep users engaged while they wait for a result of a game or virtual event, with a clear and effective call-to-action. To provide an even more comprehensive gaming experience, it also features the new “Favourite Stake” and “Special Stakes” sections.

The layout designed down to the smallest detail guarantees excellent gameplay, partly thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interface. The wheel has been made with 3D technology, even recreating the realistic movement of the ball, which makes predicting the final result impossible beforehand. It all comes with carefully chosen sound effects to make it feel like you are in an actual casino. The game has also been designed so it can be easily adapted to various format requirements, both desktop and mobile, with optimised graphics for every type of device.

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