13 October 2020

Pets Adventures: a city made for pets

The skyline of a modern metropolis and 3 citizens of this world... on four legs! There’s guaranteed fun with the friendly stars of the new Pets Adventures slot: Ciro the Mastiff, Cindy the Dogblogger and Remo the Roman Hamster.

With 5 reels and 30 paylines, the game offers two special features. Scared of the vet? Not with Doctor Pets! At his clinic you can rack up free spins and increase the multiplier with the Pets Wheel. A good dog deserves a treat... and each time Ciro manages to climb up the 6 floors of the skyscraper, he gets a Golden Cookie which multiplies the total amount won in the Pets Bonus by up to 3x.

Pets Adventures: a rapping mastiff, an ambitious influencer and a mini centurion looking to take over the city!

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