14 December 2023

Here comes Caccia al Bonus, the daily minigame that offers numerous challenges everyday!

Giocaonline introduces Caccia al Bonus, an engaging free minigame for all skill players accessing the skill games lobby. With this loyalty game, fun is guaranteed!

The uniqueness of Caccia al Bonus? In addition to being inspired by the most traditional board games, players can hunt for bonuses every day by rolling the dice and win fantastic prizes redeemable on the platform! Giocaonline focuses on a personalized experience, with a meticulously designed game interface and a tailor-made soundtrack. The interface automatically adapts to desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a unique experience.

Caccia al Bonus will be online soon, with the possibility of being launched during the holiday season, making the festive atmosphere more enjoyable than ever! Discover the fun and start hunting for bonuses!

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