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Solitaire is a one-player game. Most of the time, the expression refers to card games, but there are other types of games for one player that are often called “solitaire”, for example, Peg Solitaire or the one-player version of Mahjong. There are many versions of this game, including the more famous ones of Klondike and Freecell, both played with an English/French 52-card deck.

Giocaonline Solitaire is the classic version based on Klondike, which became famous in the 1990s on the first PCs, and has now finally become available in a head-to-head duel version against other players. It features an intuitive, minimal layout that offers excellent gameplay thanks to its clear, user-friendly interface. The game has also been designed to adapt automatically to the device used and therefore has a desktop version as well as those designed ad hoc for mobile devices, in both portrait and landscape modes. All the graphics are exclusive and, in particular, all the decks used in the card games have been specially designed for Giocaonline products. You can also change the skin of the interface to customise the game based on your needs.

  • Players 2
  • Tournaments Sit’n’go Tournaments
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