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American Roulette

Giocaonline American Roulette recreates all the adrenaline of a real casino, with twice the fun thanks to its Jackpot. If the ball lands on double 0, it automatically triggers a Bonus spin with the Jackpot up for grabs, and if the ball lands in the double 0 slot again… it’s time to party!

The layout designed down to the smallest detail guarantees excellent gameplay, partly thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly interface. The wheel has been made with 3D technology, even recreating the realistic movement of the ball, which makes predicting the final result impossible beforehand. It all comes with carefully chosen sound effects to make it feel like you are in an actual casino.

This Roulette game has also been designed to adapt automatically to the device used and therefore has a desktop version as well as those designed ad hoc for mobile devices, in both portrait and landscape modes.

  • Release Date March 2019
  • RTP 94.73%
  • Special
    • Jackpot
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