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Paijiu is a new card game which is a creative development of one of the best-known and most widely played traditional games of the Chinese community. Following the drafting of the game rules, the analysis of the win probability and the design of the layout of the cloth, the company Donni Sas, based in Milan, has created a new version with all the requirements needed for a modern casino. Giocaonline has been entrusted with the task of migrating the format to digital platforms, thus reconciling the original idea with the requirements of online gaming.

Paijiu offers players all the features they value most in a casino card game: speed (about 1 hand per minute) and simplicity, combined with a high coefficient of chance and a captivating payout, make Paijiu an engaging game where the gambling component predominates over any strategy.

Pnline Paijiu features an intuitive, minimal layout which provides optimal playability thanks to its clear, user-friendly interface. The game has also been designed to automatically adapt to the device being used: it is available in a desktop version and in other ad hoc formats designed for mobile devices. All the graphics are exclusive and, in particular, all the decks used in the card games are designed and produced specifically for Giocaonline products.

  • Release Date April 2023
  • RTP 98.55%
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