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Chemin de Fer

Fun and addictive, Chemin de Fer has always thrilled the greatest players around the world and in all casinos. Its origins seem to date back to medieval times, when a game called “Baccarat” was played with tarot cards, which were considered so magical that they were used to predict the future. Among the curiosities, one concerns the name: the term Chemin de Fer refers to the design on the cloth, which evokes the train tracks on which the sabot moves, from one player to the next, as if it were a locomotive.

GOL Games’ Chemin de Fer involves a single gaming station, for a compelling head-to-head game in the guise of the Banker or the Tip, in a continuous challenge made up of skill, playing ability and a dash of luck. For an all-around experience, it is also possible to select the style of cards to play with (French or Genoese).

The minimal, intuitive layout allows for excellent playability with a clear, user-friendly interface. The game has also been designed to automatically adapt to the device being used: it is available in a desktop version and in other ad hoc formats designed for mobile devices. All the graphics are exclusive and, in particular, all the decks used in the card games are designed and produced specifically for GOL Games’ products.

  • Release Date July 2024
  • RTP 97.64% - 99.12%
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