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The Rock Crush&Win

A real treasure hunt inside The Rock mine, where, thanks to GOL Games' exclusive Crush&Win™ mechanism, fun is guaranteed!

The focus is all on the gems hidden inside the rocks, which the player must break with pickaxe strokes. Each type of rock hides a different prize and thanks to the presence of two special rocks, one can access the Free Spin game or the Jackpot mode.

Crush&Win™ Games owe their strength to the simplicity and speed of the gameplay, as well as their ability to engage the player with a mechanism full of adrenaline and suspense. The Rock also features the special Buy Preview feature, which allows you to buy the chance to see what the next item to appear will be, and thus set your own game strategy.

All Crush Games from GOL Games feature a game interface designed down to the last detail for an all-around immersive experience, from the exclusive graphics to the soundtrack created specifically for each product. These games are also designed to automatically adapt to the device being used and thus feature, in addition to the desktop version, those designed ad hoc and optimized for mobile devices, both portrait and landscape.

  • Release Date Luglio 2024
  • RTP 97.54%
  • Special
    • Free Spin
    • Jackpot
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